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The Client


The Problem


MTP was contacted by a prospective client to receive information regarding the provision of an assortment of custom machined parts for a new product which was in its initial design stages.  The prospective client desired prototypes to be produced as well as cost estimates for their parts to be produced on a large scale basis.  Their goal was to determine if the product design was economically feasible in the marketplace.  Up to this point, the design had not been tested, samples had not been made, and they did not know if the design of the components would be cost effective.

Our Solution.


After receiving blueprints from the client, MTP performed an evaluation to provide estimated costs for sample pieces as well as cost estimates for the items to be produced in large scale production.  The client put their trust into MTP to assist them moving forward with this project.  Shortly thereafter sample pieces were produced to begin the testing of fit & function.  Next, rigorous testing was performed in the field to see how the product performed.  Based on these results MTP and the client collaborated together in order to provide modifications to part geometry, materials used and other important details in order to optimize the performance and cost effectiveness of this product.  MTP and their client were able to take the initial concept and turn it into a precision engineered product through communication, flexibility and the cutting edge technology found on MTP’s shop floor.

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