Precision Machined Sub Assemblies

Components used in passive non-electric fire suppression systems for external hazards on military wheeled and tracked vehicles.


Customer Problem

Sub Assembly was being provided by a supplier in Europe. The lead-time was in excess of 3 months. Due to a lack of communication between customer and vendor, it was difficult to accommodate design changes. Due to increasing costs in EU, the cost of the 4 piece assembly was increasing at a rapid rate.

Solution Provided

Midwest Turned Products analyzed the customer’s needs for these components. The best machine tool for the project was already on the shop floor at Midwest Turned. Machining began within a matter of days.


By providing a competitive pricing, customer was able to purchase these four components within the budgeted amount. Because of MTP’s flexibility, the customer was able to quickly implement design changes over the course of the next few years. Lead-time was reduced from 3 months to 4 weeks.

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